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The personnel of Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple changes constantly. Students often stay for years, studying one or more of the various martial arts styles offered. After achieving their martial arts goals, Do No Kai students tend to come and go, often returning "home" again to study and to share.

Do No Kai Yudansha 11-2015 Current Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple Yudansha

Back row: Simo Cindy Paul
Middle row: (left to right) Shihan Lonny Riddle,
Soke Heenan
Front row: (left to right) Hansh
i Adrian Sandoval Romero,
Sensei Oscar I. Pérez Ruiz, Renshi Bernabe Lazcano Márquez

The current top active Yudansha at Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple are pictured above. Hanshi Sandoval and Sensei Pérez (bottom row) handle the Temple's Ju jitsu and Wing Chun Kung Fu instruction. Hanshi Sandoval is acting head of Do No Kai Temple, while Sensei Pérez is in charge of the Kobu Jitsu instruction.

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Click the instructor's name below to see a detail page of their martial arts biography and journey at Do No Kai Martial ArtsTemple in Chapala, Mexico:

Shihan Lonny Riddle
Simo Cindy Paul
Hanshi Adrian Sandoval Romero

Renshi Bernabe Lazcano Márquez
Sensei Oscar I. Pérez Ruiz
Sifu Claude LaPointe

Do No Kai Temple is located in the beautiful Sierra Madre hills overlooking Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, just outside of Guadalajara. This well-established working dojo is referred to by the students as "the Shaolin Temple South."

The comprehensive martial arts styles taught at Do No Kai Temple are: Kobu Jitsu (the art of weaponry), Ju Jitsu (the Japanese "Gentle Art," from which both Aikido and Judo were founded), Wing Chun Kung Fu (a close in Chinese boxing system), Tai Chi Chuan (also known jointly as "martial meditation in motion" and "The Grand Ultimate Fist") and Pa Qua Chuan, the sister to Tai Chi Chuan. Do No Kai Temple offers instruction in all five styles. All classes are taught in English and/or Spanish.

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple also offers customized martial arts retreats in your choice of subject, for groups or individuals.

Do-No-Kai class members inside the dojo, 2010
Do No Kai ju jitsu class members inside the dojo, 2010

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