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Sifu Adrian - Pa Qua Martial Arts Mexico
Sifu Adrian works the spear at the Pa Qua Octagon


The Chinese
Martial Art known as Pa Qua Chuan, (also spelled Paqua, Pagua, Ba Kwa, Pak Qua, Pa Kwa, Baguazhang, and so on), is generally considered the sister system to Tai Chi Chuan. Built on circular movement, its practice meshes with Tai Chi to create a perfect synergy and well-rounded internal martial arts system. Do No Kai Temple has taught both martial arts systems, along with Wing Chun Kung Fu for practical sparring technique, for well over thirty years. Though its practice is physically demanding, Pa Qua is overall more mystical than many internal martial arts, and is therefore more rewarding on some levels.

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Pa Qua Chuan

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The study of martial arts in Mexico, and many countries, is sadly lacking in the pursuit of internal martial arts. The venerable martial art of Pa Qua Chuan is an internal martial art and, while extremely effective, may be viewed as a supplemental style. It is often studied in conjunction with another, more external, martial arts style to balance the practice.

Pa qua circle
Walking the Pa Qua circle is an advanced practice designed to strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

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