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The style of Ju Jitsu practiced at Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple in Mexico is the Zen Bei Koku Bushikan Ju Jitsu Kai system. It was founded in 1970 by Robert L. Willingham Shihan.

Do No Kai Temple is the official Honbu for Zen Bei Koku Bushikan Ju Jitsu Kai martial arts instruction. It has disseminated traditional martial arts teachings since 1979, the year Shihan Riddle founded it.

"It takes a high level of commitment to achieve this principle, and I believe at the present time the one place in the world where it may be found is at Do No Kai Temple. That is why it is the Honbu Dojo of Bushikan... I have seen the level of their commitment and diligence, led by Shihan Riddle, who carried our highest principles to Guadalajara and installed them in the hills above Lake Chapala." --Hanshi Ernie Gill, Bushikan Jujitsu

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This style of Ju Jitsu is a very formal style. The name, "Zen Bei Koku Bushikan Ju Jitsu Kai," is translated as "The American Warriors School of the Gentle Art." It provides an excellent foundation for any Ju Jitsu style and is, in fact, the foundation for the USA Ju Jitsu Team, coached by George Vance, a Hanshi in Bushikan Ju Jitsu.

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